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You could spend all your free time exploring websites... checking on previous funders... going to Guidestar… downloading reports... and sorting through funders to find ones that work for organizations like yours.

The Finding Funding newsletter is designed to help busy grant writing professionals focus on writing grants by making it easier to locate education funding.

We search through grant writer’s newsletters, websites, software, education news and more – and condense it all down into a single six-page, easy-to-read publication delivered to your inbox every month. 

So instead of wasting hours trying to find education funders – you can spend 20-30 minutes reading Finding Funding each month and get an instant, up-to-the-minute snapshot of current funding opportunities for grades pre-kindergarten through high school at the school and district level!

Finding Funding is a monthly grants newsletter for Pre-K -12 schools and districts. Each issue is packed full of the latest information about current funding opportunities for nonprofits that serve school-age children and youth. It’s written by an educator with experience writing grants at the school and district level who understands EXACTLY what you needed to know to succeed (and what information isn’t worth your time). It’s a quick reference, condensed into simple, less is more format with information about funders that might work for your school or district. By including only basic facts, it includes a greater number of grants.

Searching for funding sources for educational initiatives on a regular basis?

There are so many places to look... and education funders CONSTANTLY change, so there’s always a flood of new information you MUST know if you’re going to be successful. You can get this information when you subscribe to Grant Connections Finding Funding Grant Newsletter. 

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