Analyzing grant application proposals you have written from a reviewer’s perspective

If you have a grant application already prepared but would like it “reviewed” before submitting, we can do that using our expertise as a federal and state grant reviewer.

Identifying stakeholders, key issues, roadblocks, and mandates

We work with you to determine these elements and work through them. This aids in developing your new initiative and making sure it addresses your needs and the funder's requirements.

Strategic planning for new projects through partnerships and collaborations​

Whether your partnerships have been in place for a long time or are new, we can help you use them to your advantage in obtaining funding for a new project.

Identifying local needs that support the planned project

We help educational organizations support their grant proposal by basing it on local needs through documents you already have, those available to the public, and helping you easily fill in the gaps with new documentation.

Creating objectives, goals, benchmarks, and evaluation measures 

All grants require objectives and an evaluation. We can put these measures in place, making sure they are coordinated with each other and your project.

Planning and implementing evaluation to determine progress and necessary modifications

We can design an accurate way to measure your project’s success and, if you’d like, we are able to serve as an external evaluator to carry it out.

Training your staff to write grants themselves

Our full-day training program shows your staff how to complete a grant proposal by providing information in a lab setting where they actually work on a grant proposal from beginning to end.

We can help you secure additional funding for a new project in a variety of ways:

Writing grant proposals

We can help your organization write a complete grant proposal for your innovative project, from determining the educational need and an appropriate funder to planning SMART objectives and designing an accurate, efficient evaluation system. We can even show you how to work with other non-profits in your community to increase your likelihood of getting funded.

Finding hidden money (grant funding sources)

We can identify funding for a particular project through local, regional, and national sources that are compatible with your project.

We also publish a monthly newsletter, Finding Funding, which provides a variety of funding possibilities for educational organizations.

Do you need funding for a new educational initiative? 

Educators often approach Grant Connections for school improvement grants that  they would like to implement. Developing a well written and persuasive proposal can be complex and requires intensive preparation, extensive knowledge of the grant writing process, and a keen sensitivity for balancing your organization’s mission and capabilities with the mission and motivations of grant makers. Grant Connections has the experience and expertise to understand your needs for funding and to convert those needs into an award-winning proposal.

We help non-profits that serve school-age children and youth

  • School districts and schools (public and private)

  • Organizations that meet students’ needs outside of school hours

  • Special education programs

  • Faith-based institutions 

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