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Grant Connections is a reliable choice in grant evaluation and has the expertise and experience to evaluate your grant:

  • External evaluator for federal grants 

  • Data collection and assessment tool design  

  • Peer reviewer for evaluation criteria on federal grant applications

  • Writing and administering federal grants 

  • Federal compliance reporting

When an external evaluator is required, look for someone who will:

  • Participate in writing project objectives and identify or create tools to measure them

  • Work with you to develop a logic model that illustrates your project plans 

  • Accurately measure interim progress, so you will be able to make modifications during the project

  • Measure fidelity of implementation when you are carrying out a research-based program

  • Prepare separate reports specifically customized for the project director, the project advisory board, and the public

  • Measure the project objectives, including any required federal GPRA measures

  • Attend project conferences with your leadership team to help plan sustainability and meet the funder’s requirements. 

Grant evaluation serves three primary purposes:

  1. Provides the funder with information about the project they financed
  2. Supplies information for program adjustments to ensure success
  3. Helps you prove the value of the project to obtain future funding

We capture the progress of your grant-funded project to help you
accomplish your goals. Grant Connections evaluating grants

An important part of any grant is its evaluation. Implementing a new project provides important benefits, and the most objective way to show your progress and measure the project’s results is through an external evaluator. An experienced external evaluator can assist you in designing an appropriate evaluation plan for a winning proposal and will provide credibility in completing the evaluation.

Grant Connections' experience designing evaluation plans, serving as an external evaluator, and working with organizations helps you reach your goals and clearly communicate your progress to varied audiences.  

Grant Connections Evaluating Grants