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Grant Connections School Grants

Grant Connections helps educational organizations, such as school districts, schools, faith-based institutions and after school programs with all three of these. We work as partners with you to design a complete project that addresses the elements required for grants. Then we locate a funding source that is a good match for your organization. Using this information, we develop a grant proposal by putting all of this information together for a specific funding source. 

We specialize in government grants for organizations that serve school-age children and youth. Some organizations request that we plan the grant project and write the proposal. Others request grant writing training for staff so they can write grants themselves or expert review before they submit a proposal. Some need an external evaluator for a grant they are writing or have won.

Grant Connections is a consulting service that offers the following services:

  • Developing grant proposals for K-12 public and private schools and non-profit organizations that serve school-age students

  • Identifying service gaps for needs assessments

  • Locating funding sources

  • Assistance in developing projects

  • Measuring and reporting grant results

  • Training staff to write grants  

This is all like solving a puzzle. We work with non-profit organizations, determine whether they are truly ready to apply for funding, find a funder that is a good match for the organization and the program, and then put it all together in a proposal. We believe the best part of working on grants is solving the puzzle.

Winning grants involves three critical factors:

  1. Planning a high-quality, innovative project to meet a real need.

  2. Finding the right funding source.

  3. Writing a grant proposal designed specifically for the funder.

Our Services

Developing a grant proposal from start to finish 

Measuring and reporting grant results

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Grant Connections School Grants

Busy educators recognize the need for additional financial support for teacher training, student services, and new equipment. The problem is they have many other responsibilities that must take precedence. They need a grant writer. Grant Connections can help move your organization forward while you keep doing the great things you already are.